The idea of creating moulds of the human body came to artist Sarah Sitkin while she was talking to her grandmother. "She asked me to take a mould of her foot," the LA-based creator explains. "She wanted me to make a prosthetic appliance to correct her overlapping toes. During the mould we had a conversation about the disconnection she was feeling between the foot she knew was hers and the foot that was before her." This conversation ultimately led Sitkin to think about what it means to simply 'have' a body, and the "lifelong struggle to identify with our ever-changing physicality, to preserve it, and to maintain agency over it."

Filmmaker Ryan Weatrowski wanted to capture the strange physicality of these prosthetic 'vessels' and of Sitkin's thinking around them. As he observes, "Sitkin's work is not to be framed out, analyzed, or simply viewed—it is instantly and unmistakably a human experience. I can only describe it as similar to Deja Vu, that (literal) out of body recognition that makes you retrace your life up until that very moment. Sarah's collection, Bodysuits, is her ultimate expression of this. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be in someone's else's body?" Ultimately the body is a beautiful and perilous fact into whose mould we only imperfectly fit."